Pole Fit Casino Night 2018

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Some video highlights from this years Pole Fit Casino Night,

I try to create an atmosphere where everyone feels good about themselves. That every little accomplishment is celebrated. It is not an easy thing to do. It’s hard to make people look at them selves  differently. It’s hard for us to be proud of ourselves. This is seen a narcissism which is such a shame. We should be proud of what we can do and all the hard work we put into it. So every year I try to create a event where everyone can shine. No matter what your ability you are welcome to perform In front of an audience.

This year we did a casino night. I had 16 performances to choreograph and over 30 people performing. People chose to either be part of a group routine, doubles or for the really brave they took to the floor on their own doing a solo!! These events take months of planning. The routines are practiced for months in advance. The thing I love the most is that every one is celebrated! Every age shape and size as well as ability. It’s about having fun and enjoying the evening.

Words honestly can not describe just how proud of everyone who gets up to perform And I love seeing them come off stage buzzing!!



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