Pole Fit Uckfield’s Last Ball!

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So for the past 5 years I have put on a Ball for my students. It gives them a chance to shine, to show their friends and family exactly what they can do and I love it!

However this year saw our final farewell to this five year tradition! I know I have said how much I love it so why am I not doing another one? Well the organisation that goes into it is pretty huge. Meetings with venues, DJ’s, photo booths, catering not to mention the 100 plus hours that goes into choreography. Making sure everyone is happy with their routines, calming people down when they freak out that they won’t get their move, dealing with wardrobe malfunctions, ordering props, and giving away my own clothing for the night…… who am I kidding I love all that too!!!


Pole Fit Uckfield Ball 2017


Pole Fit Ball 2017 Louise Stillman

However the bit I hate is the ticket sales, chasing people for money, that bit I hate!  But the look on everyone’s faces when they have finished, when they have got up there and shown everyone just how incredible they are… utterly priceless! These moments are worth all the stress. The fact that my own body goes into meltdown and breaks on me (every year it’s a different injury I am not sure my body deals with stress so well!!) it is all worth it when my students run into the dressing room beaming with pride! Saying they want to do it again!!

This is why I put myself through the stress! Being pole mama is much like being a mother to my own children! I beam with pride when you do stuff, I love seeing you overcome your fears, and I could not be prouder of each end every one of you for getting up and showing everyone what you have worked so hard for!


So next year let’s make a deal…. I will put on an event completely different to what we have seen before… you bring yourself and at least 5 guests each. (take a little bit of that stress off me!) You show everyone just how how much fun we have at pole fit. You shine like you always do, believe in yourself, and of course in me that I will make you the best you can be. And we can do it all over again!

Put 20th October 2018 in you diary and let’s have a party to remember pole for style!!




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