Pole is now a sport!

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Pole is now a sport!

So today sees the day that pole fitness has been recognised as a sport. I personally dont do pole as a ‘sport’ I do it as a type of fitness that I love!
Once again this has split the pole community into people who #ilikethestigma and those who wanted it to become a sport.
I personally don’t do pole to shock people, I do it because I love it! I love the fact that everyone can embody who ever they want to be! Pole can either bring out your inner stripper, gymnast or ballet dancer, this is the beauty of this fantastic art form.
I am not the most flexible, I am not the strongest and I am most definitely not sexy. However I do love pole! I love the way it has increased my confidence, body awareness and has sculpted my body in a way no other form of fitness has!!
So basically I am just very happy that finally Pole has been recognised as an awesome form of fitness,

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