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Prehab or Rehab – Pole Fit Uckfield

So with all the stuff we put our bodies through why do we not look after them better?

If your car needed a service or mot we do it. We don’t even think twice! However when was the last time you had a massage or saw an osteopath/physio/chiropractor do you only go when you have a problem? I bet most of you do.

I am a terrible one to talk at the moment. As a sports masseur I am very funny about who gives me a massage however I do see an osteopath every 4 weeks. She helps to put me back together and keep me healthy. I make sure I eat regularly and drink plenty of water. However I am still broken. I have been through intensive physiotherapy, steroid injections and scans on my shoulder. I know what’s wrong with it and I know how I could have prevented it. So this is what I ask, rehab or prehab?

I decided to go and see a personal trainer who is a specialist in rehab. The first thing he said to me you are all rehab and no prehab! He was so right. Just a few simple exercises and I could have helped my shoulder. You see the problem is I have a strong core and strong shoulders (think Barbie with action man shoulders and you will get the idea!) However the tiny stabilising muscles are utterly useless which has caused my shoulder problem. If I had been doing shoulder stabilising exercises this never would have happened.

So what am I saying? We are all fit in our field. However push your comfort zone. Try different types of exercise. Just because you do not find it the most exciting in the world pop it in there to compliment your training. HIIT classes are great to increase your endurance. Yoga and Pilates are great for those stabilising muscles. There are so many different things you can do!

So basically look after your body better than you would look after your car! Fuel it regularly, service it, take out the bumps!! And remember we only get one body so look after it!


Lou x

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